Taxi Movie 3 With Sylvester Stallone.

ey folks if you are a fan of Taxi film series, I will give you simple information about the movie in the past especially on Taxi 3. By the way Taxi 5 is coming and so this might give you some idea that you should anticipate it even right now, so that you will not miss the movie this April. Okay let me continue, on Taxi 3 background, our driver Daniel Morales was ask by our popular and favorite actor Sylvester Stallone to bring him somewhere and this what I have found out. By the way let me just give you straight information that Stallone name here is not Stallone but maybe he is just some guess here. Nonetheless the moment the car started Stallone was not at ease because Daniel Morales driving the car like crazy.

And while he is driving his fast running taxi, he just continually talking to Stallone but he in fact never thought of his passenger would fell at the moment. As the car driven by Daniel Morales run faster, the car is waving on the street like hell and you know what is next Daniel watches his watch and say something like we can still got there early and don’t worry will be there on time.

But funny thing about the scene is the idea that Stallone forgot his seat belt and was inform by Daniel to put on the seat belt as they head their way towards the airport. By the way Stallone who was the passenger of that movie has having a hard time to put on his sit belt because the car is moving faster and dancing on the road. And guess what when the Taxi pass by a toll gate and since it was open the toll gate person was not even able to stop them but the car had just running like hell. People in the toll gate are blaming each other why they did not stop the taxi driver.

And so a fast running car of the police was summoned and ready for action. Why is this happening because, when the car of Daniel was passing the speed limit checker if measured 298 kph and so they call for back up to capture Daniel’s taxi and so two police men who looks like racer where a goggles came chasing Daniel’s taxi and turn on the siren system. However, for Daniels it seems he got very excited and so the cops keeps getting closer to the taxi but when they are about to read the cars plate number Daniel press the button and the plate is gone and he then press some kind of device that lets the muffler blow with blue flames in the back of the Taxi and it run in a very super speed and but Daniel was so calm and while Stallone was so uneasy. Imagine that the car is faster than a bullet train; you can see in the movie that the Taxi is running smoothly like it was flying.

Stallone at that moment was asking Daniel about the train they have sawn, “is that a bullet train? , to which he replied that his car is faster than the bullet train and so they arrive at the report just in time with plenty time to wait. As you can see Taxi 1 to 3 was very popular that it involves some popular cast as guest in the movie.

Now that Taxi 5 is here we are very joyful to learn that they have made a new sequel to the movie. Considering it was in hiatus mode, now it is back and we are hoping that our new guy Sylvain and Eddy would pull off to give us the best Taxi movie this year. This is one thing you can expect right now from this movie Taxi 5 is the stunt, racing, action and never ending comedy which we are looking for. Considering we are already know that Taxi movie is somewhat related to comedy genre.

For those who want to watch the movie online you can visit Taxi 5 streaming online. We give you the best streaming site that worth your while. This time around the movie will give us new cars and new cast, nonetheless we can still watch this with anticipation and hoping the movie will click and they will give us another Taxi sequel in the future.