It all started in the early 1920’s when George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables, developed a sales program to sell the lots and buildings that he was constructing in his planned city called Coral Gables.

After forming the Coral Gables Corporation, lots were promoted by Merrick and his colleagues. Full-page ads were run in leading newspapers all over the country, convincing people that they needed to claim profits waiting for all who bought lots in this novel planned city. All-expense-paid tours were promised to those who bought lots. Prospective buyers were brought to Coral Gables in big busses painted coral color with a legend painted in big blue letters “From Here and Everywhere to Coral Gables.” Buyers came by the thousands. The famed orator, William Jennings Bryan spoke from the island in the Venetian Pool to prospective buyers sitting in bleachers.

In 1922, a place was needed to entertain real estate clients in the promotion of real estate sales. A club building was constructed adjacent to a new golf course. Real estate clients were given tours that were timed so that they arrived at the Venetian Pool in time to hear William Jennings Bryan make his pitch. Then they were taken to inspect the Granada, Biltmore or Riviera neighborhoods. The Country Club provided an amenity needed to close sales.

Since that time, members have enjoyed the prestige of belonging to this historically rich and architecturally significant country club.

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